Heat Pump Sounds in Norfolk, VA

4 Heat Pump Sounds That Signal Trouble in Norfolk, VA

March 16, 2023

Given that a heat pump can heat and chill your Norfolk, VA home, it’s a necessity all year-round. If your heat pump starts making any strange noises that aren’t a typical component of functioning, there may be a problem. The following heat pump noises indicate that you should hire an expert for an evaluation and any required repairs.

1. Vibration and Rattling

A vibrating noise could indicate a simple issue, such as an unfastened cover panel, which can be resolved by adjusting the exposed screws. However, when the heat pump makes certain rattling noises, it may have severe problems, such as air handling issues or incredibly confined coolant lines. Call an HVAC repair expert right away to fix the broken heat pump and stop the rattling or vibrating.

2. Humming

A heat pump uses electricity to keep your Norfolk, VA home cool, so it’s common to hear some humming noises as it operates. Electrical issues may be to blame if the buzzing sound is intrusive or comes from the inside. Another reason for humming sounds could be a broken part or an inoperative fan motor.

3. Gurgling

Heat pumps use refrigerant lines to transmit heat, and as the refrigerant level depletes over time, it produces a gurgling sound. Ask an HVAC professional to top up the refrigerant to prevent harming your heat system if you hear this noise. A damaged capacitor causes clicking sounds when a heat pump is heating or chilling.

4. Grinding

Heat pumps that don’t receive routine maintenance frequently make grinding sounds because they’re filthy or don’t have enough lubrication. Heat pump parts that need greasing or are dirty make noisy grinding noises. A broken motor may also cause grinding sounds. Call an expert for assistance and turn off the unit to prevent additional damage.

These noises indicate your Norfolk, VA heat pump is having problems. Contact us at Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. for reliable cooling and heating services.

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