Money Saving HVAC Maintenance in Virginia Beach, VA and All Surrounding Areas

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The best way to help avoid costly repair bills and get more life out of your air conditioning system is to have your system cleaned and maintained by Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. Our service area covers Cape Charles, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Clean is Better Than Dirty

The majority of breakdowns are due to either a dirty indoor evaporator coil or a dirty outside condenser coil. Dirty coils are a big factor in causing compressors and fan motors to go bad. Dirty coils also lower your systems’ efficiency, resulting in a higher electric bill. That’s why utility companies and HVAC equipment manufacturers recommend that HVAC maintenance be done on your system twice a year. Neglecting air conditioning maintenance can void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Studies show that a dirty air filter alone will cost the average homeowner an extra $168.00 on their electric bill every year and that a dirty AC system can cost the average homeowner an extra $240.00 a year or more. Indoor air quality studies show that dirty indoor evaporator coils and drain pans can hold bacteria which can cause allergies, headaches, and other health-related issues.

Our preventive maintenance program will keep your system operating efficiently to help you save money on your electric bill. In fact, some homeowners have found that the savings they have received on their electric bill has paid for our maintenance program. Plus, Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. will keep your system clean and maintained to help prevent unnecessary breakdowns and prolong the life of your system. The average life of an AC system that’s dirty and has been neglected is 7-9 years, whereas the average life of a system that’s clean and well-maintained is 12-16 years.

Our maintenance program includes two cleanings per year, 10% off parts and labor, and priority appointments, should your heating and air conditioning system need a repair. Remember, checking is not cleaning, there is a difference. Our NATE-certified technicians will both clean and check your system.

Spring Cooling 15 Point Service Check


  • Install gauges and check operating pressures
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
  • Check air temperature drop across evaporator
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check belt and adjust tension
  • Check air filters
  • Check pressure switch cut-out settings
  • Check electrical lock out circuits
  • Check starting contactor contacts
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Check air temperature across condenser coil (subcool)
  • Check that condensate drain is open
  • Turn exposed dampers to cooling position, if marked (no balancing)
  • Check and adjust thermostat
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coil, if needed

Fall Heating 15 Point Service Check

  • Check and adjust thermostat
  • Clean and adjust all safety controls
  • Clean burners and controls
  • Clean and adjust pilot assembly
  • Adjust burner for efficiency
  • Check for gas leaks in furnace
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check belt and adjust tension
  • Check air filters
  • Check flue pipe and draft diverter
  • Check fan controls
  • Adjust pressure regulator, if required
  • Check furnace for fumes and/or cracks
  • Check out complete furnace cycle
  • Make necessary recommendations

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COVID-19 is affecting all of us.

To our valued clients,

Here at Absolute Comfort we care about the health and safety of our clients and community. We are currently assessing the current pandemic day by day, ensuring we are up to date with all news on the COVID-19 outbreak. We understand the lifestyle changes everyone is going through can be stressful and we’re here to meet any needs you may have. Absolute Comfort will remain OPEN to help with any heating and cooling services.

Your safety is our #1 priority as we continue to service and maintain your HVAC systems. With that being said, our employees and technicians are being highly precautious by taking additional actions to ensure safety in your home. Here are a few of the actions we are implementing:

Service Technicians & Office Staff

  • Maintaining a distance of 6 feet from clients.
  • Practicing social distancing from others and any person who may be sick.
  • Our technicians wear masks, gloves and booties when inside a customer's home.
  • Avoiding contact with clients at a job site.
  • Refraining from any physical touch or hand shaking.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing our iPads, vehicles, equipment, anything they come in contact with following the guidelines provided by the CDC.
  • Enforcing proper health hygiene and safety procedures.
  • Any employees that may be ill or were near anyone who is ill, will be prohibited to come in to work.

We are here to help in any way! If anything comes up or you feel uneasy about your upcoming service please give us a call at [(757) 383-9897] and we’ll be happy to reschedule to a later date.

Thank you all for your consistent trust and loyalty! Everyone please be safe as we get through this pandemic together.