Reducing Cooling Costs in Cape Charles, VA

4 Tips for Reducing Your Cooling Costs this Summer in Cape Charles, VA

May 3, 2022

Heating and cooling account for approximately 50% of the energy consumed in U.S. households. You can manage your summer cooling costs by taking a few practical steps. Consider these four tips to reduce your energy consumption in Cape Charles, VA.

1. Close the Curtains to Reduce the Cooling Load

Simple steps like closing the curtains can manage the cooling load and reduce the strain on your AC. Reflective blinds and window treatments minimize heat gain in the room, too. The more sunlight heats the room, the longer your AC will run to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Use thick curtains and drapes to reflect the sun’s heat. Keep the blinds as close to the windowpanes as possible to decrease the amount of heat getting into the room.

2. Use Ceiling Fans to Create a Breeze

A ceiling fan does not regulate temperatures in the room, but it creates the wind-chill effect that will make the indoor atmosphere feel cooler. That means you can lower the settings on the thermostat to reduce energy consumption.

During the warm, muggy summer in Northampton County, ensure your ceiling fan is running in the counterclockwise direction. The fan circulates warm air to ensure even temperatures throughout the house.

3. Consider Acquiring a Smart Thermostat

If you still have a manual device, consider installing a smart thermostat. You can program the device to start or stop your cooling system automatically. Smart thermostats eliminate human error and boost the system’s performance with more precise temperature regulation.

You can control the thermostat remotely using a Wi-Fi connection. According to Nest, you can save up to 15% on cooling costs by using a programmable device.

4. Don’t Skip the Annual Maintenance Service

Adhere to the annual routine maintenance of your AC system. A professional tune-up can address inefficiencies in your cooling system and restore your AC’s performance. Even a dirty filter can raise your utility bills and deteriorate components.

Spring is the best time to schedule a tune-up before the summer heat strains your cooling system. Our preventive maintenance package includes a 15-point check by a team of highly-rated technicians. Consult Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. for top-notch AC maintenance services in Cape Charles, VA.

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