Improving IAQ in Norfolk, VA

5 Benefits of Improving IAQ in Norfolk, VA

November 15, 2023

If you don’t have a properly functioning HVAC system or good ventilation, the air in your Norfolk, VA home can become stale and unpleasant. By improving your indoor air quality (IAQ), you’ll be able to enjoy many wonderful benefits.

1. Breathe Easier

It can be difficult to breathe in a home that has poor air quality. You’ll find yourself taking shallow breaths, which makes it hard to do physical activity. This also puts unnecessary stress on your body. You may also notice that you’re not sleeping peacefully. Improving IAQ may allow you to breathe better and enter a deeper sleep.

2. Remove More Allergens

Allergens, dust and other pollutants cause illnesses such as hay fever and respiratory issues. By having a good air filtration system, you’ll be removing many of these particles. That means you likely won’t experience congestion or sneezing as often.

3. Reduce Odors

Cooking and litter boxes are only a couple of the things that leave odors behind. A quality air filtration system reduces these odors by preventing germs and other pollutants from lingering.

4. Balance Humidity

Too much humidity in your home makes it feel stuffy and moist. Too little, and it feels cold and dry, which can cause nosebleeds, skin irritation and static. A big part of good indoor air quality is having balanced humidity, ideally below 50%.

5. Save Money

When you improve your home’s indoor air quality, you’ll also be helping to ensure that your heating and air conditioning equipment will remain cleaner throughout the year. This helps your HVAC system function more efficiently, which translates into lower monthly energy costs.

By making changes to boost your indoor air, you’ll notice a difference in your comfort and monthly energy bill. Call Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Norfolk, VA today to learn about all of our IAQ services and products.

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