AC Noises in Chesapeake, VA

5 Reasons Why Your Home’s AC Is Making Weird Noises in Chesapeake, VA

August 5, 2021

You open up your AC unit in Chesapeake, VA, home, and it’s making some weird noises. Maybe you hear ticking, rattling, or clicking sounds coming from the inside of the unit. Below are a few things that might be causing these noises.

1. Blocked or Dirty Filters

Noises can sometimes come from debris that gets trapped in your ducts. Such blockages can result in severely reduced airflow and can significantly impact the comfort level throughout your home. The noise can be anything from rumbling to clicking and can sound fast or slow.

2. Broken Fan or Motor

If you hear loud humming, whining, or clicking noise coming from the unit, there’s a chance that it’s your AC fan motor. Most fan motors last for about twelve years. If your equipment is nearing that age, the chances of this being the issue are pretty good.

3. Motor Bearing Failure

Another common cause of noises in older models could be an issue with your equipment’s motor bearings. This occurs when the motor bearings wear down and start making a grinding or clicking noise.

4. AC Belt Problems

If you hear a rattling or clicking noise coming from your AC unit, it’s also possible that the fan belt is out of alignment or worn out. You can contact one of our AC repair professionals to adjust the belt.

5. AC Shaft Seal Problems

If you hear a buzzing or rattling noise coming from your AC, it might be a problem with the AC shaft seal. Have a professional technician check your compressor to find out if this is the problem. If we find it’s not sealing properly, we can take care of the issue safely and quickly.

Is your Chesapeake, VA home’s AC making weird noises? If so, call Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc. to inspect your unit to determine the problem and fix it.

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