Furnace Efficiency in Cape Charles, VA

How Is Furnace Efficiency Determined in Cape Charles, VA?

October 18, 2023

Furnace efficiency in Cape Charles, VA affects everything from installation and utility costs to your home’s comfort. Discover what furnace efficiency is, how it’s determined, the factors affecting it, and how it influences costs.

AFUE Basics

AFUE is the efficiency rating used for furnaces, which stands for Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This effectively compares how much energy the system consumes compared to the heat output in your home. It’s important to remember that every fuel-burning furnace will lose heat through exhaust.

Standard Versus High-Efficiency Furnaces

As of 2023, the minimum AFUE rating for new furnaces is 80%, which dates back to 2015. Current standard efficiency models, which are actually mid-range models, may offer an AFUE range from 80% to about 83%.

High-efficiency models start at about 90% AFUE. The highest efficiency furnaces may offer an AFUE as high as 98.7%.

Factors Affecting AFUE

Two primary factors affect a unit’s AFUE rating. The first is whether it has a single-, dual-stage or modulating burner. The second is whether it has a single-, dual- or variable-speed fan.

Single-stage units run on high for the entire heating cycle. Dual-stage systems have two settings. Variable or modulating systems have a wide range of settings it can use. Variable and modulating systems allow the system to maintain a temperature rather than raising it most of the time.

How Efficiency Affects Costs

Generally speaking, the higher efficiency models cost more than the mid-range efficiency models. However, rebates and tax incentives may help negate some of those cost differences.

Some estimates suggest a 95% AFUE furnace can save about $26 for every $100 spent on gas compared to 81%. Higher efficiency models also tend to have fewer furnace repairs when properly maintained while offering better home comfort.

Get the right furnace to meet the needs of your Cape Charles home. Call us to schedule a new furnace installation consultation with an expert installer from Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Inc today.

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